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Our specialty table linens, and chair sashes and covers
are available for shipment nationwide. Just call us.
Square / Overlays:
  54in square - 3ft round overlay or card table lap
60in square - 4ft round or 3ft square overlay

72in square - 4ft, 5ft round; cocktail; or 4ft, 6ft or 8ft banquet overlay
96in square - 3ft square to floor
  60 x 96 in - 6ft banquet lap
60 x 120in - 8ft banquet lap

90 x 132in - 6ft banquet to floor
90 x 156in - 8ft banquet to floor
  60in round - 3ft round lap
72in round - 4ft round lap
90in round - 5ft round lap
96in round - 3ft round to floor
108in round - 4ft round to floor
120in round - 5ft round to floor

132in round - 6ft round to floor
Odd shapes:
  Serpentine - 3ft, 4ft and 6ft
  tight pleats: 8ft x 29in - 11ft x 29in - 13ft x 29in - 17ft x 29in - 21ft x 29in
box-pleated: 21ft x 29in
bar skirt: 8ft x 42in
Chair covers:
  Chair cover with sash: white and ivory
Half-back chair cover: white
Tie sashes: twills and tuxedo satins in a variety of colors
Dinner napkins: Available in white, colored and damask